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Helping you find debt relief
Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision that has significant implications for your life. When mounting debt becomes unmanageable, bankruptcy can provide a much needed relief. At Kotoni Law Office, we help you decide whether filing for bankruptcy is the most effective way for you to take control of your debt.

Consider all of your financial options
At your free consultation, you will be explained strategies to get you a fresh start. There are multiple chapters to possibly file a case under and sometimes bankruptcy is not the right answer. There’s no way to know for sure except to sit down and talk with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can tailor a strategy to directly meet your needs.

Your bankruptcy options:

• Chapter 7 bankruptcy

For most people, Chapter 7 is the preferred bankruptcy. It is cheaper, quicker, and allows people to get on with their lives. Under Chapter 7, people continue to pay the debt on assets they want to keep.
One phrase frequently used to describe Chapter 7 is “liquidation of assets.” Most Chapter 7 cases do not “liquidate” anything. Most assets are protected under state statutes. So long as the assets are properly disclosed, the exemptions protect all the assets in most cases. People lose assets only if they fail to disclose the assets or if the assets have too much value to protect under the statutes. If you make full and honest disclosure of all your assets and the value of your assets, the attorney can properly evaluate your asset protection so you can make an informed choice of how to proceed.

Chapter 7 Attorney Fees: At the end of your free consultation, you will be quoted a flat fee for your Chapter 7 case based upon the difficulty of the case.

• Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is an option for people facing foreclosure, need help paying off back taxes, or those whose income exceed the allowed limit under Chapter 7. Chapter 13 bankruptcy permits you to pay off debts under a court-ordered installment plan for a duration of three to five years. This option provides numerous advantages, including the possibility of keeping your home which is under foreclosure or vehicles facing repossession. Chapter 13 can also stop tax levies and allow people to pay off tax debt in a plan.

Chapter 13 Attorney Fees: At the end of your free consultation, you will be quoted a flat fee for your Chapter 7 case based upon the difficulty of the case.

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